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Welcome to Lucky to go

Founded in Victoria, BC, Lucky to Go is the ride-hailing and food delivery app that you have been waiting for!

With a variety of restaurant partners in the city and a bounty of offers, we bring delicious meals to the comfort of your homes for the best price. To encourage a safer delivery experience, all orders shall be left at your door to limit contact. Track your orders right from the kitchen pot to your doorstep and they arrive steaming hot.

Diverse selection of dishes
With the variety of restaurants, we have in the city, we bring unique and delicious dishes right to you without leaving the comforts of your home.
Track the pot
Track your favourite dishes right from the kitchen pot to your home. Arriving steaming hot!
Great offers
With the bounty of offers we have in store for you, we make sure you get your dishes at the best price.

Download Our App

Our app gives you access to your favourite restaurants. Get your food delivered right to you.

Become a
Lucky driver

By becoming a lucky driver, you get the freedom to become your own boss. Choose flexible schedules and earn more by taking in all the delivery fees and tips you earn.

with us

With the number of drivers that are ready to hit the road, you will be ensured that you reach more customers in less time.


Welcome to Lucky to Go

Join our team
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Become a Partner ( Great Income ) & Smart phone with 4G network


Earn more Earn up to 25-35 dollars per hour.
Flexible hours Freedom to choose your work schedule.
Efficient tracking Track your food from the kitchen pot to your home.


Right transport If you are using a vehicle, make sure you have an efficient and reliable vehicle.
Right status Ensure you have the appropriate work status to be able to work in Canada. This can include a student permit/work permit /permanent resident /citizen.
Right OS Operating on a smartphone with a good 4G network that has the updated android/ iPhone OS. This makes sure you reach your customers.


Reach wide With zero charges levied, merchants can maximize their potential by reaching out to more customers efficiently in a timely manner.
Less worry Not to worry about any logistics of delivering your food. We take care of it all.
Maximize efficiency Track drivers and manage every order detail that goes out of your restaurant.

Become a Partner

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